Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google (Eric Schmidt) Should Stay Involved With iPhone And Apple's Mobile Development

Some Apple fans are very competitive.  Downright scary at times.  I go into that role when I want to have some fun and creep out the remaining holdouts in my circle of life who aren't worshipping at the alters of Cupertino yet.  

I just love a good gadget.  I've got a G1 that's so-so but is full of potential.  I'm in love with the Pre except for the facts that it's got a crappy battery life (worst than even the G1 by some estimates) and that it's only available through Sprint and not a GSM network.

Of course, I'm a fan of Apple mobile products.  But when Chrome OS was unveiled by Google yesterday, the mobs were out in the streets calling for Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, to step down from the Apple's board of directors.

There is no denying where his loyalty lies but I am not call for security to haul him out of the building just yet.  Apple has benefited from Google's iPhone support.  I'm sure that would remain strong for years to come but more so if Schmidt is around.

Plus, there is no guarantee that Chrome OS is going to compete directly with Windows or the Mac OS.  We don't really know what it even does or where Google's taking it.  Android and now Chrome OS?  

One aspect of the future in our increasing mobile society is cloud computing and Google's got a good handle on its pulse.  And let's be honestly. Apple isn't really lighting it on fire with MobileMe just yet.  

Look, what I'm saying is deep down, 90% of us want cool, innovative mobile devices (with long battery lives) like the iPhone.  Apple and Google has made beautiful music together in the past and will continue to do so.

Under Apple's terms of course.

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