Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Look Back: When A Powerbook Saved The World

I love movie placements and this one I especially am fond of.

Know which movie this frame came from?  That's right.  Blockbuster, ID4 from 1996.  It was an alien invasion movie from back in the days when US hasn't invaded Iraq and it was okay for our fighters to use their bases a counterattack on the aliens.

What you see is co-star Jeff Goldblum (who is still alive) using his Powerbook 5300 to make the connection that the aliens were using our satellites to time a simultaneous attack on Earth.  Later in the movie, it was Powerbook 5300 uploading a virus that took down the alien's defense shield, thereby, enabling a successful counterattack.

Those were the days, wasn't they?  As much as I love my unibody Macbook, I have yet to see any of the Macbooks save the world yet.

Just saying...

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