Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apple Mobile: Game Changer? You Bet!

Right now, Apple accounts for 1/3 of all Wi-Fi use by one measurement and 25% of all music sold in the United States.

And to top it off, iTunes accounts for almost 70% of digital music sold.  69% To be exact.  That means other attempts by music labels and iTunes-wannabes (ahem, Amazon, ahem) has done nothing to change how much folks embrace Apple's mobile and music strategy.

I am certain that DRM-less change and the ability for iPhone and iPod Touch users to download music wirelessly helped.

But what's incredible how iTunes continues to dominate the market.  It makes me wonder just who are buying all these music from iTunes?  But I have to offer a cautionary note.  Music industry growth aside, there may come a time when digital growth may peak or slow.  That means don't expect to see 25% share that Apple currently enjoy is going go be 30% next year or the year after that.

A large percentage of the US music buying is still being done offline.  Meaning CDs.

Now, 1/3 of all Wi-Fi traffic are going through Apple's devices?  That's from 14% last year to 32% this year.  This is a seriously beig "wow".  And this isn't just coming from Apple.  Wireless devices from other companies are also doing well.  It's just that Apple is doing better than everyone else.

The information from Appleinsider is a bit confusing and short on details.  So we'll have to go to Meraki for the charts and details.

  • Apple's Wi-Fi grew at 221%, nearly 68K devices from 21K
  • Nearly 1/3 of Wi-Fi traffic is from Apple devices
  • RIM devices grew 419% but merely 2% of all devices.  Though it seems to be a huge jump, it means hardly anyone was using their Blackberries to connect to the Internet.  This could be a troubling sign for RIM.
  • What's worry for Nokia is it only grew 100%.  

Link:  Appleinsider

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