Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Commodore 64 Emulator May Be Coming To the iPhone

I knew straight away that Apple would never allow the original C64 emulation to get into the app store a couple of months ago when it was first reported.  It was an exciting prospect but, honestly, Apple's knee-jerk reaction would be to turn away any emulation apps.  I think everyone knew that was going to be the case.

But for most folks, we wonder "where's the harm in a two decade old computer"?  Well, the fear is many folks will start turning out emulators for other systems.  Palm is the obvious pick.  That's what I'm interested in.  And maybe Windows Mobile and others.

But Touch Arcade is now reporting that a C64 app maybe coming to the iTunes App Store.  Apparently, the developer was contacted by a high-up at Apple and he or she tweeted "big news coming.  Thank you to EVERYONE for the support".  I don't think we can confuse this for anything other than that a Commodore 64 emulation app is on the way.

I never had a C64 or the C128.  I've messed around with the Amiga but that was a different beast altogether.  I just remembered the vivid colors and games that was possible on that small computer with the keyboard sitting on top of it.

When the app is out, I hope it does well because this is what Apple represents.  Good fun computing.  And add mobile to it.  I think it'll appeal mostly to the computer-geek crowd but I wholeheartedly encourage the rest of my fellow mobile warriors to give it a try when it's finally available.

Those pioneering days of computing where CPU measured in single digit Mhz and memory in kilobytes. C64 provides a golden opportunity for anyone who weren't into computers in the 80s to relive it and the newer gen mobile computer users to know what the old days were like.

So, the question for me now is this:  If C64 is allowed into the App Store, how closely behind is Apple II emulation?  Now, that's one app Apple fans will go nuts over.

More info on the C64 app can be found on the Manomio's C64 page (the developer).

Link:  Touch Arcade

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