Thursday, August 20, 2009

App Store Dynamics - Not Quite An Apology From Yahoo, FB 3.0 Countdown

Yesterday, Yahoo went ahead to call out Apple on their Yahoo Messenger approval.  The lack off.  Well, it turned out that Yahoo was trying to jump on the bandwagon to bad-mouth Apple's dismal app approval process without doing it own homework first.

Reported on CNet News, Yahoo posted a blog titled "And so we wait...on Apple".  The CNet post titled to max out the effort of the Yahoo blog, Ms. Sarah Bacon of Yahoo called out Apple for the "somewhat unpredictable process". 

Well, Bacon, it's gonna get a lot more predictable for you and Yahoo from now on.  First, Yahoo needs to do something about this. Yahoo had pulled out their update to Yahoo Messenger to add more update and Bacon was left out of the loop.  It's funny because you'd figure that someone on her team might know a thing or two about what's going on.

No wonder Yahoo has been in such a dismal shape compared to Google and has to look to Microsoft for search helps.  

Two weeks ago, Yahoo submitted their app for approval only to pull it and resubmit it a week ago.  Ms. Bacon, it's only been a week.  

Anyway, something more positive.  Facebook 3.0!  You know.  Facebook, what Yahoo should have morph into.  Facebook, what Yahoo tried and failed to duplicate and become.  Anyway, that's what I'm waiting for and I think it's one of the most anticipated update.

I'll be honest about social apps.  I'm indifferent to them at best.  I'm simply don't care for them or the games that are played on there.  Having said that, Facebook's app is well thought-out and serves as a model for other app developers (ahem, Yahoo) build upon.  

Alright, I also use the Yahoo! app and it works very well.  But Facebook is leagues better in terms of usefulness for all things Facebook.  Here's a video I found on TC.

Links: Techcrunch, CNet News, Yahoo Blog (for some reason, folks don't apologize any longer)

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