Monday, August 24, 2009

Pretty Ridiculous Spin To Generate Apple Rumors

Here's one example of how Apple rumors get spun and created.

Electronista is reporting on another report about an Nvidia executive talking about a media pad.  From that, Electronista reports that it is possible they're talking about the rumored Apple tablet.

Folks, let's me be clear.  I want to the Apple tablet really really badly.  But not enough where I am going to find every post about mobile tech to be about the iPhone, iPod, or the iTablet.  And for the record, I believe it's coming.  2010 at the earliest.  Not going to be sooner.  

In fact, if past rumors are "true", Apple is likely to be using its own chip designs than off the shelf parts like Nvidia Tegra.

But I encourage you to click through and read it as it does seem that some exciting new NVidia-powered media pad is coming our way.  My take it this isn't about Apple but more about Android or WM.  Love to be wrong about that though.

Source:  Electronista, Hexus

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