Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apple Responds To Dictionary App Censorship - FCC Action Helping?

By now, you know that the FCC is looking at Apple, ATT, and Google for the reasons behind why 3rd party Google Voice apps were pulled and why Apple rejected Google's official app for Voice.

Now, there was more uproar by the tech bloggers when a dictionary app was rejected for censorship reason - as it first appeared.  Now, Apple has responded to that situation with an explanation.

It's not he-said-he-said that I'm talking about here.  The meat of this post is that we're even talking about Apple making any kind of explanation regarding its actions at all.  Perhaps, the FCC's letters to the three parties here has spurred Apple to be more open already.  

Think that if the FCC wasn't looking at ATT's iPhone exclusivity deal and app rejections that Apple would even care what bloggers and developers are talking about?  

Yeah, that's right.

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