Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LTE: Some Things To Know

There has been talks about Apple going with Verizon with their next mobile device.  iProd.  iPad.  iTablet.

We don't really know with certainty that it's coming but with faith not that borderline on religion, I think it's coming.  Now, the word on the street is that Verizon is double-timing their effort to get LTE up and running.  Apple will then release the next revolutionary production on the LTE network.

Given ATT's performance and propensity to interfere with the app store dynamics, it stands to reason that Apple will have less reason to trust ATT's network and goodwill.

Having said that, there are some things we should know about LTE networks.  Right now, it cannot do SMS or voice.  No voice protocol has been decided on.  More at Onxo that is a must read.

Now, the ideal situation for future VW-Apple-device customers is that we can get on the LTE network without interference from Verizon.  Plus, it's purely data.  That means we don't need a voice plan.  Pay a montly free for data only Buffet style - meaning it's all you can eat.

For voice, users will be responsible for their own VOIP solution.  Be it Skype or Google Voice.  My guess is that Apple is working on something (more on that tomorrow).

Source:  Onxo

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