Tuesday, August 4, 2009

iPhone Issues: What Issues? Work Great For Me

"What iPhone issues?  Works fine for me" is the general response I get when i talk to the folks around me about app rejections and Apple's draconian app policies.  They loves their iPhone 3GS's and take every opportunity to brandish it.

And come to think of it, why would they care?  99% of the folks out there don't care that ATT, through Apple, rejected the Google Voice app or that Slingplayer only works through Wi-Fi.  The iPhone serves their needs and to them, that ought to be the headline.  

Nor do they care that Apple has rejected apps for anti-competitive reasons.  The iPhone works.  Period.  Gaming?  Tons of them. Facebook.  Yup.  Browsing the Web.  Piece of cake.  Looking for a restaurant or ATM.  Couldn't be easier.

More often than not, it's ATT's spotty network they bitch about.  Would they recommend the iPhones to their friends and family?  In a heart's beat.  Would they continue to stick with their iPhone when their contracts are up?  Sure.  Though they hope by then, the iPhone would be available on other carriers.  

But Apple "rejected" GV apps, I would come back to the issue that irks me.  Then I just get a blank stare.  Like I'm that crazy guy on the street corner yelling about the end of the world.  

Oh, my poor poor friends who don't know what's really going on...

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