Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Waiting on Spotify Rejection (or Approval)

Apple is delaying the inevitable.  Everyone was watching the Google Voice rejection and talking about the FCC investigation.  Apple should have just lumped everything in there.  

While many believe Spotify is a threat to Apple's iTunes, I'm not so sure.  It's music is only one aspect of a mobile experience.  If Spotify does TV, movies, and apps, then I think Apple would have cause for concern.

Still, the silence from Apple on Spotify app is deafening.  I hope Apple does approve the app because I've been using it and it's incredible.  Better experience than anything Napster, Real, or Microsoft has ever created.  

That said, I do look forward to the drama that'll be created if Apple does reject Spotify's app.  FCC asking more question.  ATT says to blame Apple.  Google looks on with interest.  And more importantly, will Phil Schiller take time out of his busy schedule to explain the rejection like he did yesterday about the dictionary censorship?

You can bet that Apple will remain silient about rejecting the Spotify app, giving bloggers and the media another week or two of material to write about.

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