Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Word On Google's Latitude Rejection

Now, that Apple is likely to engage in full-blown war with Google and it's mobile weapons, Android, Chrome OS, and its excellent collection of webapps, I began to think about Latitude's rejection.

Early, I examined the possible reasons for Apple rejecting Google's Voice app and Google's encroachment into the OS market.  At Onxo (must read), I speculated that it is possible Apple has VOIP and ereading functions for the iPhone platform.

Now, focusing on Latitude, I wonder if Apple is set to challenge Google Maps and other mapping selections from the likes of Yahoo and Microsoft.

We had all assumed that ATT is the culprit behind GV's rejection.  But suppose it's not.  Suppose, however unlikely, it's all Apple's doing.  Latitude is just so unlikely that Apple will reject something so trivial that may not really have a huge following.

So, if Apple rejected Voice because it has its own iChat alternative waiting in the wing, could Apple rejected Latitude because it also has its own competitive option in the works as well?  Given how Google has changed the mapping, directions, and image on the Web, I would love to see how differently Apple's take on this will be.

I generally use Google Maps and for rudimentary reasons.  Directions.  Directions.  Directions.  I can imagine Apple offering us other reasons beyond what Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google has provide for using maps.  I don't care to speculate how Apple will implement its own mapping app since there has been no hint that Apple is even considering this course of action.

Whatever the reasons for the rejections and whether Apple is really working on replacements for Latitude, mapping, search, or VOIP, I wonder if Apple will continue to reject other Google apps in the future as well.  If so, that would be disturbing, even for Apple fans.

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