Thursday, September 24, 2009

Does Apple Have An Answer For MOTOBLUR?

I'm keeping a close eye on the Motorola Cliq for T-Mobile very closely.  I've got iphones, iPods, and a single G1.  But I wonder as far as mobile uses go, if Apple is missing the boat on this one.  

I can see it now.  In about a decade or so, when the books are out about this era, t will be said that Apple underestimated the importance of social app integration with the iPhone and lost the initiative much the same way Microsoft dismissed the World Wide Web.

Of course, I'm only worried about Apple position.  But this is the nature of the beast.  Innovate or be killed off.  Still, Palm has done something pretty neat with the WebOS and it doesn't seem to do anything affecting the iPhone or, for that matter, Blackberry's position in terms of sales.

Still, I've started wondering what kind of "skin" Apple may be deploying in the future.  So far, we have not see anything that shows what Apple may be offering to answer the challenges posed by WebOS and MOTOBLUR, Cliq's widget interface.

If Apple is developing something, no one has seen it.  Still, I hope out hope that Apple will come up with an innovative way to provide users with easy access to all their social networks, Twitters, IM and text, and e-mails.  It'll be a treat to use I'm sure.

Fingers crossed.

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