Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mSpot App Could Mean Good News For Hulu And Netflix Apps

To those who are interested in Hulu and Netflix apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch, I think a little optimism is in order.

mSpot, an online rental company, somehow slipped their app that allows streaming movies into the iTunes app store.  

Does this mean Netflix and Hulu apps aren't too far behind?  It's difficult to say at this point.  But be prepared to pay for access.  I think Netflix users should be allowed free access to the library of online shows and movies because they already pay for it through their regular Netflix service.  Rupert of Fox, Hulu partner, has indicated Hulu will begin charging for access.

So be prepare to pay for streaming should these two apps become available.  I don't see that as a downside so long as there aren't commercials.  I'm just happy mSpot is in which means Hulu, Netflix, and others can't be too far behind.

More at MacRumors and Techcrunch.

Note:  There are already apps that allow video streaming in the App Store.  I'll bring this up later tonight in another post.  TV.com app quickly comes to mind.  Yes, you can watch original Star Trek shows on your iPhone and Touch.

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