Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple Arms For Mobile War By Buying A Map Service Company

We didn't get Google Voice for our iPhone and iPod Touch.  See, things aren't too good between Apple and Google at the moment.

Regardless, that's not our problem, right?  So long as Apple, Google, and others continue to innovate, we're really the folks in the driver's seat.

So, Apple acquired a map service company called PlaceBase.  It is to replace Google Maps on the iPhone or to provide better services and features for the Mac?

Remember, there's a tablet on the way.  Maybe Apple is doing something special for it.  Regardless, so long as we get whatever Apple has up its sleeves sooner rather than later, that's all good to me.

More about Apple's strategic map buy and possibility of Apple unveiling its own search engine at Onxo.

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