Thursday, October 1, 2009

Will There Be An Apple Event In October or November?

Appleinsider is report both Mac Minis from Apple now have a 2-3 weeks waiting period while iMacs are also experience longer than usual shipping period.  Why am I mentioning this and how does this relate to Apple mobile?

Events.  See, there's a lot of moving parts with Apple's mobile strategy.  Not just app stores and iPhones.  There's music, movies and televisions.  Also with Apple TV.  See, Apple is very good at making money by creating a viable self-sustaining ecosystem.  

Almost all of Apple news these days are about the iPhone.  For instance, take the news yesterday about Apple buying a mapping service company.  Immediately we think iPhone but it could be that they also want to provide additional geo-tagging or overlay services for the Mac.

So, events.  If there is an event this October or November, chances are it'll be more than just refreshing the Mac hardwares.  It may involve Apple TV which has been stagnant and just recently received a price cut.

An Apple event this late may mean a new digital entertainment strategy.  Then there is always a chance that perhaps the iPhones and iPods will also benefit from this as well.  

We should know by the middle of October what's going on if an invitation to the press is issued.  Just so you don't get too excited.  Even if there is an event this fall, it won't be about the tablets.

More at Appleinsider. More at Onxo about Apple's map company.

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