Sunday, October 4, 2009

Car Dealers With Complimentary Wi-Fi Access

Okay, as strange as it sounds, Starbucks, superbook stores, and malls aren't the only place that offers Wi-Fi access to patrons.

Car dealerships and oil change places like EZ-Lubes also provide Wi-Fi.  You're asking why anyone would want to go there just to access the Internet.  Ordinarily, you wouldn't.  I'm not a big car guy.  But once in a while you have to take it down to the dealership for some maintenance work.  Sometimes, it's 30 minutes.  Other times, it could take a few hours especially if you don't have an appointment.

Still, there are times when you're there with your spouse, family, or friend looking to buy a new car.  The dealing and haggling can take a few hours.  I was once there for more than half a day.  Could I have used Internet access then?  You betcha!

Plus, some dealerships also have fast food joints and coffee houses for patrons that had to spend hours there at a time.  It's actually quite brilliant for all involved.  And it certainly makes taking the car in for servicing less of a chore.  A few of them even gave games on during the weekends so folks aren't missing their favorite team in action.

Also, about a year ago, I was sitting in EZ-Lube waiting lounge and I opened up my then Powerbook to hack out some notes.  I turned on the Wi-Fi to see if I can access the hotspot at a nearby Starbucks.  To my surprise, I found an open network from EZ-Lube.

Anyway, I'm wait for supermarkets to follow these examples.  I believe Whole Foods offer Internet access but other supermarkets like Ralph and Vons have renovated their stores with seating areas for patrons.  As you know by now, I often go to supermarkets during hot summer months because of the air conditioning and easy access to food and drinks.  There are even Coffee Beans and Starbucks in some of the stores.

The only shortcoming is that none of the ones I go to offer Wi-Fi access.

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