Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where Is the New Product Associated With Apple's Higher Freight Cost?

During the last financial call, Apple executives hinted at a higher than usual cost for air freight charges.  Immediately, the Internet was buzzing for what it could be for.  Added to the mix was that Apple said it was not for the iPhone.

What can it be?  the iMac?  It is the most recent prodct Apple refreshed that's out on the market.  And it seems like supplies should be more than adequate for the other items in Apple's product line.  No issues with the iPods.

It seems the Macbooks are selling well but also no reports or hints of tight supplies at the store.

For Black Friday, foot traffic in the Apple stores were lighter than last year but sales online were up by a large margin.  So, things seem alright with having enough stock to sell for this quarter.

Still, we're still left wondering what specific Apple product is impacting the shipping cost.  It's nearly the middle of December so nothing new is about to come on to the market from Apple.

So, it has to be one of the existing products, right?  If I have to guess, it is likely the Macbooks.  It was one of the heavily discounted items by authorized third party sellers online with some models being offered $100-200 off Apple's retail price.

We'll know for sure in January when analysts inquire about it.  So far, this is all that I can think of.

At the time when we all heard it, we noted it in our blogs but what no one said was that we secretly hope that it'll be the fabled iTablet, as improbable as it was for Apple to spring it on us.

There is a possibility that the Apple TV can make a new presense though that is not going to happen.

With all that said, could there have been a new product that Apple was trying to get out the door in time for the Holidays?  If there is, I'm guess that was a last minute glitch and the launch was pushed back.

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