Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three Issues That Needs To Be Addressed In iPhone OS 4.0

We're at the about the half way point of the a new iPhone release.  It's incredible how the iPhone 3GS has come so far in the marketplace.  More than 7 million iPhones sold in the last quarter and we're headed for another record sales.  For iPhone and Apple fans, things can't be better.

Well, it can actually.  I've identified two things that Apple needs to Address in iPhone 4.0.  I'm talking specifically just about the OS.

App management and navigation.  It's time Apple come up with a new innovative scheme to address this.  I've got all the desktops filled with apps.  I've ran out of room.  Fine.  I can deal with that.  Except all the swiping.  It gets kinda old, you know?  I can think of a couple of ways to deal with it but I'm sure Apple's talents have come up with 10 better ways to do deal with app management and getting from one app to another.

I'm okay with swiping but as Apple is likely to increase the number of apps that the user can install, swiping through 15 or even 20 desktops to get to the right app can get tedious.  If I'm VW or Sprint, I'd make fun of this fact in a commercial or something.

Furthermore, iPhone and iPod Touch are due for another doubling of memory in about six months' time.  The iPod app will also needs to be addressed.  I'm all for more room to put my video, music, audio books, and podcasts on my  upcoming 128GB iPod Touch but maybe Apple needs to make navigating between contents easier.

I'm predicting that the iPhone will get a better and bigger screen with higher resolutions.  That can make things easier for Apple to address management of apps and other contents on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Answers to widgets.  I've discussed "skins" and widgets in past On Apple posts as others like the Cliq, Hero, and the Pre all have an easy access to contacts, e-mails, and messages.  I like to see Apple address in the form of a Dashboard function that runs in the background like what we've already got in the Mac OS.

Wouldn't that be neat?  Here is another post regarding how Apple can do this.  And Apple must employ a new scheme but in its own way.  I think we'll see that in iPhone 4.0 and it'll be awesome.

Why do I have such faith?  It took Apple to release iPhone 3.0 to include copying, cutting, and pasting.  It's about getting it right.  iPhone 4.0 is a good time for Apple to release something to wow us all in terms of UI.

Background processing.  It's about audio.  I'm no for someone crunching a spreadsheet in the background but gosh, push notification doesn't address the fact I can't listen to live broadcasts or streaming audio.  I think Apple means well as it tries to balance the mobile experience between access and battery life.  Too much address like the Android and Pre and you end up with crappy battery life.  Right now, the iPhone is on the other extreme.  Pretty good battery life but it is life with a lot of switching back and forth between apps and not being able to enjoy music.

With these three issues addressed, Apple will go a long way in putting more distance between the iPhone and the rest of the field.

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