Monday, December 21, 2009

Will Apple Being Butt of SNL Joke Make Jobs Abandon ATT As Exclusive Carrier?

It's hard to imagine Steve Jobs doing what others want because of external pressure.  Well, that pressure was upped a couple notch as Apple became the punchline and punching bag of a SNL skit.

But I think this kind of publicity isn't what Apple looks for and this is compounded by the fact that Apple is unable to control the message.  Suffice to say, the iPhone continues to outsell everyone else without the need for special deals like Blackberries, Pres, or Droids.  So that says a lot.  Nevertheless, any bruising of Apple's image as far as Cupertinonites are concerned is a worrying sign.

So I wonder if this will put back on the table any works that Apple might have to to move the iPhone onto another network something that is now pushed to the forefront of the mobile agenda. I think more likely, any deal to have the iPhone on Verizon or T-Mobile has already been worked out long ago.

Still, that can't come any sooner.  I think any debate about ATT's worth as a viable network for the iPhone is useless until we've got something to compare it with, say Verizon's claim of having a more reliable network.

More at Appleinsider.

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