Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apple Can Allow Multiple App Stores

Do I want just about any app on the iPhone or my iPad? Well, sure. Maybe not any app but I would not mind the freedom should the desire arises. No, I'm not talking about porn. But...for those who do, I think I have a solution for Apple.

Two separate and distinct app stores. And I am not speaking of sanctioning Cydia or any of the jail-broken options. Even I would not go there unless I absolutely have to. And Cydia is sitting on my homepage even now.

So, what is this guy talking about, you ask? Simple. One app store will exist just as it is now. On top of that, there will be a second app store with everything else. For the sake of this post, let's called the current store as we know it as iTunes App Store or iAS. The second store will be called freedom App Store or fAS.

iAS will simply operate in ways as we have come to know it. Approval processes and all. Essentially, trusted but restricted.

Then there is fAS. Here, any app that isn't going to get Apple's approval or has been rejected can go here. Apple will continue to take 30% of all revenue in this store. After all, Apple is still providing a place for these apps to be uploaded by developers and downloaded by adventurous users. Apple can even ask for greater than 30% to dissuade some apps from even the fAS. Let's say 50%.

Why a higher percentage? Security. Spam. All that bad things that's bound to sneak into the fAd.

This would go a long way in appeasing critics and users.

And the responsibility of what gets installed on the iDevices will fall on the user as it is now. Apple will stipulate it as such. And since parents are users, it falls to them to police what their kids see or install.

Of course, this new app store will not be installed as a default app. It will be the user, after agreeing to all the risks and taking full responsibility for his or her action, to install the fAS

This still might not be enough for some critics but you can satisfy bloggers, tech pundits, and journalists who today, are increasingly relying on clicks to hear their bread. However, it will dispel the argument that Apple isn't open.

This will be a great boom for developers. They will receive specially badgets from Apple that is recognizable by users as special Apple approved App Store partners. Think of it as a sort of a better business bureau thing.

Of course, at the end of the day, such a scheme or one similar might be nice to have but totally unnecessary. The criticisms are quite loud. They need to be. But users, by the millions, doing care that they can't have Flash or Google Voice in their iPhones or iPads so much.

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