Friday, May 28, 2010

Firefox Home: Firefox But Only Like Safari

We're not likely going to see Firefox on the iDevices though it does seem more likely after the entry of Opera into the app store. However, I wouldn't quite count on it. I think it was done at a time when there is a lot of attention and negative press directed (in some ways, I think rightfully) at Apple's App Store policies.

Fear not. Mozilla will represent. Firefox Home. Mozilla is putting the final finishings on the app that allows the user to sync history and bookmarks across the various platforms supported by Firefox.

However, don't look for the familiar feel of Firefox on the Mac or the PC. As a matter of fact, it won't be the Gecko engine at all. Perhaps, Mozilla might be able to make the appearance look like Firefox but, in order not to run afoul of Apple's approval process, it will be based on Webkit, the underlying browser engine that powers Safari on the iDevices, OS X and Windows, as well as Chrome from Google.

Is this a smart move by Mozilla? I think Mozilla should have approached Apple about bringing Firefox in a manner that would be acceptable to Apple. Things change and perhaps one day, Apple will be more open at some point.

For now, we eager await Firefox Home. Essentially, it will be another browser app that offers Firefox users the ability to use their iDevices in sync with Firefox on OS X or the PC.

I don't anticipate Firefox Home to encounter any difficulties navigating through the approval minefield. Perhaps, the come has come for Google to see if they can get Chrome onto the iDevices. I would love to see the Chrome store in my iPad.

More at Macrumors.

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