Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flash War: Onxo Tweets About Apple, Adobe, Flash, & HTML5

Here's an aggregate of today's tweets that I put up called "Flash War".

The day started looking quite promising as the media latched onto "reports" from "sources" that the FTC and the Justice Department are negotiating with each other about who should look into whether Apple did anything wrong not wanting substandard apps in the iPhone platform.  I think iAds could also be thrown in.

However, there is certainly no indication that an investigation would even be initiated.  After all, Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and advisors to other administrations, believe the FTC has better things to do than to investigate Apple (okay, the Justice Department is another issue).

The tweets:
  • Flash War: Adobe mouthed off to the feds to get them to look at Apple's SDK agreements. Stupid, stupid, stupid... (part 1)
  • Flash War: Adobe should shut up and work hard to make Apple regret it. Go crying to others is just weak (part 2)
  • Flash War: Apple is now pissed. How does getting the government involved help Adobe? (part 3)
  • Flash War: At the end of day, Adobe pissed off one of its better partners. Apple has billions to kill Adobe if needed (part 4)
  • Flash War: Look for Apple to develop its own creative suite. Legions will follow. Adobe, dumb, dumb, dumb… (part 5)
  • Flash War: Macromedia buy by Adobe was a bad bet. Apple will be developing own html 5 tools (part 6)
  • Flash War: Adobe needs to shut up and circle wagon and innovate like crazy. Only way to out-Apple Apple. (Part 7)
  • Flash War: Vids of Flash on Android. Very short. Both promising and worrying. (part 8)
  • Flash War: Scribd will abandon Flash & move to HTML 5 start tomorrow. 200K of the most popular docs will be ready.
  • Flash War: ARM blames Adobe for slow smartbook beginning. Reason? Flash & Air delay since 2009. Effort also hindered by interests in iPads
  • Flash War: Adobe will need Google to stave off Flash death. Probably can't wait for Chrome OS to be available later this year.
  • Flash War: ARM had hoped Linux & Flash will be weapon against Intel's netbooks. Linux sales disappoint. But Flash was a no show.
  • Flash War: Here is more on ARM's disillusion with Adobe and Flash.
Bottom line: Adobe has a lot to offer the Internet and computing in general. Instead of waging a publicity war that it isn't like to win, Adobe should put the energy into innovating its products. And if Flash on non-iPhone mobile platforms do shine, that'll just shut Steve Jobs up, won't it?

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