Friday, May 7, 2010

Mobile Ads - FTC Should Just Watch

Apple's iAds should worry people in both good and bad ways. Apple is shaking up the mobile market while it is limiting choice. On the other hand, Google is the beast in the ad arena and this is why the FTC is asking around wondering if the $750 million deal for AdMob would go through. Word is that the FTCisnt keen on approving the deal.

The question for me is why. The mobile ad market is young and, in dollar amount, insignificant. It will be years of innovation and shakeout before we know how the mobile ad market will look like and whether we are still looking at banner ads or ads that are more interactive like standalone apps. Maybe there's even more creative means to deliver ads.

However, I do want to see the Feds keep their nose in things to make sure things are on the level and that no one is leveraging their position to wipe out competition.

I want to see iAds flourish and others trying to keep Google host. The mobile market is big enough for multiple platforms. It is also big enough for multiple mobile ad companies.

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