Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iPhone And iPad Taking Spotlight from Macbooks

It used to be that any time Apple introduces a new Macbook revision, it was cause for celebration in the blogosphere. These days, unless we get something extraordinary, you hear it for a day, maybe two, and it's back to iPhones, and now, iPads.

What does this say about the state of mobile computing? How about our expectations of of a digital mobile life?

Arguably, we are more excited about the next iPhone that we just were with the last Macbook Pro refresh and today's Macbook update. And believe me, the 2.4Ghz speed increase and a 43% uptick in battery life to 10 hours ain't nuthin' to sneeze at.

I am sure the Macbook will be a huge hit with the fans and anyone looking for a first rate laptop. Still, it isn't the huge attention draw it once was.

I do foresee a day when Apple blurs the line between the iPad and the low-end Macbook. How? Adding more traditional Macbook features to the iPad, such as camera and mouse support while simply killing off the Macbook all together.

iPads will be able to compete effectively with the low-end Windows laptops and the assortment of netbooks on the market. Furthermore, it will help Apple solidify its position as a provider that offers a range of mobile solutions based on the users specific needs.

What it does say about mobile computing is that we demand mobile to put a light device with a long battery life for consuming. While the iPad and iPhone are not perfection solutions for productivity in areas where you need a keyboard, Apple does offer solutions on that end.

I imagine the iPads to be more modular - Apple and 3rd party accessory makers will be able to offer modules to enhance users' needs. This may be the same for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Macbooks and Macs remain integral parts of Apple's line-up but for now and likely from here on out, the iDevices will dominate the spotlight.

Don't despair, my fellow mobile warriors, this is a good thing. Perhaps this is why in a recent e-mail spat with Gawker, Steve Jobs said PC guys are feeling like things are slipping away from them.

Steve is right.

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