Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Tweets About Apple, AT&T, and the iPhone

This is today’s blog-tweets on the iPhone. It’s incredible how stories on Apple suddenly have a life of its own.

But that’s because Apple is a beloved company that came out with product after product that changes the computing and mobile experiences. Most of us, mobile warriors, like it.

Of course, there are those out there will unwilling or unable to accept it. If even you aren’t fine with how Apple does its business (which is to make money), you have to at least appreciate what they’ve done to shake things up.

The latest story is Apple’s contract with AT&T and that has provided the Internet a lot of posts, clicks, and ads. Fine with me.

Now the tweets:

iPhone: lots of reports on Apple_AT&T contract. Engadget found court documents declaring the contract was for 5-years, through 2012. (part 1)

iPhone: USA Today previously reported contract ended in 2009 but AT&T negotiated extension. No one will know for sure. . (part 2)

iPhone: 5-year old contract between Apple-AT&T might be old and things could have changed in between. Opt-out clauses. . (part 3)

iPhone: Speculation that the great iPad data plan from AT&T was a concession to Apple to extend iPhone exclusivity. . (part 4)

iPhone: Maybe AT&T will get newer iPhone while other carriers will have to wait 3-6 months down the road to avoid mass exodus. . (part 5)

iPhone: Could be Jobs hate VWso much that they’ll never see the iPhone. Could be true if Sprint & T-Mobile gets it first (part 6)

iPhone: Based on the past, we are less than 2 months away from seeing the 4th gen iphone. Not an iPhone based on 4G wireless (part 7)

iPhone: Gizmodo’s exposure of the next iPhone could have accelerated 4th gen iPhone launch (part 8)

iPhone: there is a video of 4th gen iPhone assembly that looks like the one exposed by Gizmodo http://bit.ly/dzQHf5 (part 9)

iPhone: New iPhone should be out for $199 base. Hope to see iPhone 3G for $49 or free, iPhone 3GS for $99. (part 10)

iPhone: I still believe we’ll see the iPhone on T-Mobile before VW or Sprint (part 11)

iPhone: Crunchgear sayz VW is working on their iPhone ad campaign for later in the summer http://bit.ly/94asKd (part 12)

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