Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Mobile Combo: 27" iMac with iPhone 4 (or 3G iPad)

The newly refreshed iMac today is unlike anything on the market. We've seen tons of iMac killers come and go over the years and the iMac still reign supreme as an all-on-one computer. And why? It offers no compromises.

So this is why I think the best combo for a mobile warrior who needs power is an iMac with an iPhone or a 3G iPad for mobile needs. Let's face it. If you can afford a Macbook along with an iMac, great, but most folks I know can't.

Let's not get into the Magic Trackpad yet. That's story for another post on how I think it can be improved. But the iPad and iPhone can double as a great trackpad with a number of 3rd party apps in the iTunes store.

The one main compromise is that while on the road, mobile computing is entirely restricted to the iPhone or iPad. For 95% of what you'll need to do, Apple's iOS devices including the iPod Touch is provides everything you need.

The only issue is whether you'll need cellular Internet or not. I mentioned a 3G iPad but if you're not going to need it, the WiFi-only iPad would serve your purpose as it does mine. Just about everywhere I go these days, there are free WiFi services. Plus, as an ATT DSL subscriber, I am entitled to use ATT's growing WiFi coverage wherever I go.

And if you don't need 3G services, then perhaps even an iPod Touch would serve your mobile needs.

Next post, I'll discuss an even greater mobile combo.

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