Tuesday, August 24, 2010

App Piracy: Apps are like $1 or $2, Maybe $5, Not Worth Pirating, Please Stop

Some app piracy rates for iOS apps are as high as 50% if not higher in some instances (try 95%).

So, I'm making a general plea on behalf of all the hard-working, innovative, and imaginative developers. Pay for fraking $2 app! It isn't like we're being asked to pay for $25 or $40 that DS and PSP owners are paying even for the lamest games. Nor are these $50-$60 console or PC games. They're mostly $1 or $2 apps in the App Store.

Seriously, when the number of illegal downloads are reporting scores in OpenFeint double those of legitimate buyers, something is majorly wrong.

Plus, Apple needs to protect the legions of developers more. Instead of paying out $1 billion to developers, Apple can easily be paying $1.5 billion or more if it makes it harder for pirates to use apps. Furthermore, using pirated apps is only possible through jail-broken iOS devices. And while I supported jail-breaking 100%, using pirated apps does open up users to malicious attacks.

More at TUAW.

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