Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September 1st Event Might Be A Disappointment for Video Fans

The event that Apple announced today to be help on September 1st is going to all about the iPod Touches and, likely, any new features that the iPad is going to gain from iOS 4. Yeah, I know, just about everyone has forgotten about iOS 4. But that's a post for another day.

For now, we're going to see the next generation iPod Touch get some iPhone 4 goodies. Anything else?

Really, that's about it on that front. We're not going to hear much about the iTV, TV rental, or music or video subscription.

We'll sent the first ten minutes with Steve Jobs recapping about the success of the Touch and iPad. Then we'll get into a rehash of what we already know about the iPhone 4 features that'll come to the Touch as well.

Facetime with frontal camera. iOs 4 features like mulitasking and folders. Then we'll see demos. And that'll be just about it. If you're wondering why I am sounding so pessimistic, that is because I'm just trying to be real. For a while now, there's hardly been an "one more thing" from Apple.

Now, there are plenty that we don't know. Will the Touch have a back camera for video or photo capture. How about even a 3G model. Will it have the same form as before or be brought more into line with the iPhone 4.

As for iTV? I ready a good iLounge post that is purely speculation (they stated that at the top of their post). They think it makes sense that iTV will be marketed as an accessory rather than another iOS device. I like that idea but your guess, other bloggers' guesses, or iLounge's are as good as mine.

Obviously, only Apple knows what is going on. I want to let you know that everything I"ve said are just speculation. We're going to hear new rumors (it's going to be a great week until next Wednesday) right up until 10am PST.

Note: This is the first time as far as I can remember that Apple scheduled an event on a Wednesday. Interesting. Don't know how to read into that if at all.

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