Monday, August 9, 2010

Stig Lasson, Macbook, And "what's an umlaut"?

I've read the first two books of the Salander-Blomvist trilogy and I'm taking a short break from the third, the the final in the series for a while.

One of the cool thing about the book the choice of mobile devices in the book. Palm devices and Apple Powerbooks used by the main character. And as Hollywood work to remake the series from the original novels, separately from the Swedish movies, I can only hope that the writer and director retain some sort of authenticity by using Apple's latest and greatest mobile gears - the iPhone and the Macbook Pro.

And yeah, I would like to see them slip in the iPad. It only make sense to do that. As for the Millennium office, I want to see iMacs on every desktop of the reporters.

Is it going to happen? It would be a missed opportunity for Apple not to "contribute" in some way to the movies. For now, as we wait for word on any future work and what shape the movie will take, here's a funny and well-written take on the Millennium series.

Mikael Blomkvist, the male protagonist, has a bit of problem with his iBook (this was waaaay back in the PowerPC days) and needed Lisbeth Salander, the female protagonist, to help him with it. Anyway, I know now what an "umlaut" is. It's titled "THE GIRL WHO FIXED THE UMLAUT".

More at the New Yorker.

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