Friday, August 6, 2010

Tweets: Handseeing, Game Center, And Apple's Social Agenda

Twitter is great for sending short messages and I’ve gotten pretty good lately at sending out limited text but still get the point across. But once in a while, you’re on to something and you just can’t get in out in just 140 characters. So, I’ve done what I think is a creative way of doing it. Just sent out a bunch of tweets and identify them with part numbers.

Here, the subject is Apple’s forthcoming Game Center and Apple’s alleged interesting in purchasing a Chinese gaming company called Handseeing. Instead of writing the whole thing again in prose, I’ll just do the easy thing and reprint the tweets here. So on to the subject matter at hand.
  • #mobile #gaming #apple attempting to buy chinese gaming firm but #Handseeing VP went public, likely trying to drive up price. (part 1)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple first, you don’t try to shake down Steve Jobs like this in public, surprise if deal goes through now. (part 2)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple trying to buy chinese firm really shows its commitment to china & importance of the market (part 3)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple likely to link #handseeing (if deal goes through) to augment #game center in iOS 4 later this year (part 4)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple not likely to keep those responsible 4 this public leak from #handseeing. Tien Bo, the VP needs new job soon (part 5)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple’s #game center likely to be special. Wonder if it can do what others haven’t done or managed to do (part 6)
  • #mobile #gaming #apple should also extend #game center to the Mac as well (part 7)
Game Center, albeit late, is going to be a center piece of Apple’s mobile strategy from this point on.

And is anyone really fooled by the fact that Apple is going to use GC for only keeping high scores? I highly doubt it. There are so much possibilities. As with any good business leader, I’m sure Steve Jobs has considered everything. GC features will grow and may eventually migrate into nongaming apps.

For instance, if messaging is added, users can use it with Facetime which then can become a very important messaging tool for business. Want another example? How about when GC gains the ability to purchase in-game goods? That can also eventually be extended beyond gaming into real world commerce.

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