Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clever Pricing For Mobile Gaming

For better or for worse, casual gaming is here to stay and gamers as well as developers have to live it.

Coming to an end are the days when developers can charge $30-40 a game. If you think you've got the game everyone is clamoring for, you can charge $15 for it like Square is doing with Final Fantasy on the iOS platform.

Just this past weekend, I spent $14.90 for 10 games. They were on sale but you get the idea. And these aren't just any old games. Assassin Creed, NHL, NFL, Ace Combat, Zenonia 2. You get the idea.

I think these games would have cost me easily $250 if I had bough them for the DSi or PSP.

But developers can still make their money. These isn't any need for packing and the marketing is almost unnecessary. That's what a few well-placed ads and the Internet are for. Plus, Apple has made it so easy for users to find the games they want while app stores on other platforms are improving as well.

Developers are making up for the lower prices for volume. More Than that, a few are even trying different pricing schemes to get users to pony up. Want more levels, pay a buck and you get the next ten. A couple of bucks will get you the weapon you need yo decimate anyone who dares stand in your way.

Just today, a couple of sites reported on Capcom's plan to release an app for in game play that acts like a arcade called Capcim Arcade". Games include classics like Commando, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Streetfighter II, and 1942 with a new game to be added each month. Capcim let's you have a few plays a day at the "arcade" but if you want to play more, you can buy in-app tokens or purchase the game outright.

Not a bad gimmick.

So whether through quality build to justify charging or the game or more innovative pricing schemes, gamers and developers are evolving. Hence, so is the gaming industry.

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