Friday, October 8, 2010

.Mac Homepage Discontinued on Nov 8, New iLife And/Or MobileMe Coming

Apple has made a lot of changes to MobileMe and has given folks ample time to move their contents out of .Mac homepage, which is why .Mac homepage will ease operations on November 8th. So this had led me to consider of iLife is coming soon there after and MobileMe improvements will be featured.

Rumors are abound that this may happen. Amazon has inadvertently posted placeholders for the new iLife product as well as a couple of books talking about a non-existent iLife update. And the currently version of the iLife is showing its age.

I'm a Mobile and iLife user, particularly iWeb to push my personal Greenjava website. I can use a whole host of new features to help me augment it. Looking at the bigger picture, it's about mobile for Apple these days. It's all about iOS.

Time to put up a wishlist on what I like to see and expect.

  • I don't expect an iOS version of every app.  
  • There isn't going to be iPhoto, or iGarageband. And there's already an iMovie in the app store.
  • I do like to see implementations for events and facial recognition and ability to sync it with iPhoto and Gallery.
  • Remotely update blogs via iOs devices. Right now, iFrame seems to be the only way most folks are updating their blogs through Wordpress, Blogger, or another service. I would love to see some changes here.
  • Integration with 3rd party blogging services and ability to publish to MobileMe website
  • Integration with social networks across the board - increase to Facebook, Twitter, and even Ping. yeah, Ping needs a lot of help and changes.
  • Improved Webapps. I love how Google has such a rich implementation of apps accessible online. Also take a page out of Adobe's online Photoshop.
  • Make elements of MobileMe free for all iOS users. At the minimum, make e-mail and photo sharing free.
  • Integrate iChat into iLife and make it FaceTime compatible. Also need a Windows versions.
  • Integration with Airplay. Let desktop applications of iLife act as servers for iOS users. Ability to get files on iDisk is already possible but sometimes I would like access to photos that I haven't uploaded online to Gallery or another service.
  • Airplay integration with iTunes.  iOS is great but I like to see this extended to 3G and remote services to access video and music. Maybe this is where Apple's massive data center in NC comes in.
  • An App creator. Now, I know. We'll get flooded with thousands of variations of fart apps. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I like to see Apple make this easier for users create their own customizable uses. Maybe just to share among friends and family.
We should know in 4-6 weeks if any of my wishes makes it.  That is when I expect the new iLife to be available.

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