Thursday, October 21, 2010

iWeb - Dead or Still Kicking?

The general impression from yesterday's Apple event, Back To Mac, was well received by everyone. There was a bit of everything for everyone. That is unless you're an iWeb fan.

I'll make this quick. I am going to have to go 100% to Rapidweaver if this doesn't pan out or Apple doesn't wow us with an update.

How long will I wait? Two there two deadlines. There is 90 days until Apple unveils the Mac App Store. Apple is supposedly selling individual iLife and iWork apps. I am hopeful that we might see iWeb or an app like it by Apple in the store.

The second deadline is the release of iWork '11. I am hoping that given Apple's embrace of mobile and HTML 5, there will be a brand new app that allows users to continue to support MobileMe going forward.

And honestly, without iWeb, I think lots of folks just might not renew their MobileMe subscription.

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