Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Event: Will iOS Apps meet OS X?

My needs are simple as far as what I want from Apple on Wednesday. I don't mind being blown away but I sort want to see Apple move in the direction I think Steve Jobs and friends has been planning for years.

The full integration of iOS and OS X. For a few years since Apple made available the iOS SDK, there is something that has been working very well that no one has given it much notice unless you're an app developer and something that I was exposed to as I give programming a try.

The iPhone simulator. It works great and with the advanced multitouch pad and OS X gaining a lot of iOS features, it only makes sense for Apple to allow iPhone and iPad apps to run on Macs. This is a natural evolution

But it would be a revolutionary concept. And imagine the sales pitch with this one. Get a Mac and you can run iOS apps. Or got a Mac? You can download apps from iTunes and if you get an iOS device, you can take those apps on the go!

Is this going to happen? Frankly, this has just as much chance of happening as the Apple TV running apps, which a pretty much a lock.

I don't know if this will be a feature that Apple will unleash on Wednesday but the sooner the better. It would allow Apple to do battle on the mobile front and provide an additional arsenal in its assault on PC market.

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