Friday, November 26, 2010

Do Tablets Need Two Cameras?

The Samsung Tab has two cameras. The iPad has none. And many of smart phones has two and more will follow. But do tablets need to have two cameras?

I can understand the need for a frontal camera has more mobile warriors switch over to video chats as a mean of communication. With Fring, Skype, and Apple's own FaceTime paving th way to the future, frontal cameras are a must.

But I have yet to see the need for a tablet to have a back camera. I can only see limited use for it. I get the need for the iPhone and other devices to have a back camera as a lot of users use their phones as a point-and-shot camera replacements.

Personally, I don't see myself pointing my iPad or a future Android tablet at my nieces and nephews.

A sales team might go out to take pictures on location but I am sure they'll likely have smart phones as a part of their mobile arsenal.

Maybe when the next generation tablets come out, Apple and others will show needs for the back camera on tablets that I have yet to find an use for.

What do you think? Do we need a rear camera? What use can you find it for?

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