Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apple's iTunes Announcement, No, Not the Beatles, The Ones They Didn't Announce (And Near Future Rumors)

Apple has the exclusives to sell Beatles music for some period into 2011.  That was what the special announcement was done on Apple's website and iTunes this morning. And while I am especially happy for Steve Jobs who had been talking about this for years, I can't help but felt a tinge....no, let me back that up.  A big, big disappointment in what was not announcement.

Were we so naive to think that Apple will make some sort of a big deal after all of the Christmas has been set in stone?  I remember distinctive three and four years ago, rumors would fly that something from Apple would be announced in December.  Those two years, it had all been about that iPad.  Well, folks, it didn't happen.  

Then two years ago, Apple had to issue a special statement telling people nothing new will be announced before Christmas.  

Then last year, no one said anything about a special announcement.  

And this year?  Well, on Monday, we had that cryptic message about this morning's announcement.  Speculations flew ranging from a music subscription to online media storage and streaming to who knows what.

Well, I'll say this for Apple.  We're not going to see an iPhone that runs on Verizon's CDMA or LTE network.  My hopes for a T-Mobile iPhone was dashed the day Apple introduced the new 2010-2011 iPod line.  That would have been the day to make an announcement of any kind related to the iPhone. 

Between now and January 2011, we're going to see a lot of crazy rumors because that is the nature of the blog business these days.  Apple and its competitors will need to spread rumors in a public battle for consumers' attentions.  Bloggers will report questionable tips or, at worst, make stuff up.

I am very interested in what Apple has planned for their data center and a major of what we hear over the next few weeks will be about it.  

Today, we learned that Google and RIM are interested in mobile payment systems to replace credit cards.  That will play a big part about what iPhone 5 will feature and if it'll have near field communication features. Oh, and Verizon, ATT, and T-Mobile have joined forces in this area too.  So, we know it's going to be big.  It's going to be big as far as Apple rumors go.

So, it's going to be boring as far as real Apple actions goes but strap on to your seat because the rumors of announcements will be wild.

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