Monday, November 15, 2010

Maxing Out Memory Brought Me A New Macbook

I have the late-2008 unibody Macbook and since then, this has been the best Mac that I have owned.  Well, second best.  I still think my Powerbook 500 still rocked during the days.  You can't beat two battery packs.  You just can't.  But the Macbook comes pretty close and this two-year old just got better.

I got 4GB memory modules in the mail today.  I wasn't too excited.  These days, my iPad is my go-to device for mobile computing.  At times, it shares duties with my iPod touch and the G1.  So what's two extra 2GB of memory going to do make me love the Macbook more than the iPad?

Well, wow.  After installing the memory model, I am getting a totally different impression of the Macbook.  And more than that, I regret not maxing out the Macbook from day one.

Everything just seems to happen faster.  Mail, Safari, and Rapidweaver flies and pages loaded up faster.  

And if you read my blog, you know that I take every opportunity I get to grip about battery lives.  Well, I have been typing, surfing, and working on some other Web work and the battery life indication hardly budged. What I mean is that it doesn't seem to be going down much.  And for the record, I don't have Flash running. I generally turn it off when I am not using it (I think I only use Flash when I view Hulu contents).

So, I recommend anyone out there with a Macbook , MBP, or an Air, max it out.  This is expecially true of the new Macbook Air that have their memory model soldered on.  Once it ships out of the factory, you're stuck with it for good.

I had considered upgrading the hard drive as well.  It came with a stock drive with 200GB capability.  A similar SSD drive will cost quite a bit so I might end up not doing that.  In a year or so, I will likely replace this Macbook and pass it off to a lucky nephew or niece.

But you can get that I will max out my future Macs from day one.  

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