Thursday, November 4, 2010

Manufacturer in Ohio Uses iPads to Connect Employees And Increase Efficiency

It is more often now that we hear of companies adopting the iPad for enterprise use.  Heck, every executive at Apple from Steve Jobs down crow about it to anyone who'll listen.  Apparently, small businesses are paying attention and demonstrating the effectiveness of Apple's new iOS device, the 10" iPad.

The main thing here is the ease of use.  It isn't often that employees will adopt technology outright.  However, the popularity of the iPad as well as the ecosystem Apple created over the years has made it easier for companies to integrate into their workflow.

Industrial Mold & Machine in Ohio has done just that.  They took it a step further with a social network using Socialtext, a network for employees. From this Macworld post, there are a few unanswered questions.

I wonder if this is the 3G or the wifi version of the iPad that they are deploying.  Regardless, receiving pushed emails and schedules, work status, and to submit requests makes everyone working at Industrial Mold & Machine feel more connected and part of something bigger

I am sure efficiency will increase over time as the company find more innovative and time-saving uses for these iPads.

More at Macworld.

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