Thursday, December 16, 2010

Apple Mac App Store: Opening January 6th, 2011

Apple announced the Mac app store will be available on January 6th, 2011.  Imagine waking up to this this morning.  Apple isn't known for making product or feature announcements without a major press event.  However, we have known for quite some time that the app store was going to open up soon.  But the question remains:  is the Mac app store going to have as big an impact as the iOS app store?

Only time will tell but given some of the chatters, the MAS (Mac app store) will have quite a few restrictions.  No demo.  No in-app purchases.  Kind of a bummer.  But perhaps this is likely because we are merely in the infant stage of the store and Apple will incorporate new features once both developers and end-users have had time to work out the kinks and the bloggers have had their say.  Isn't that what happened with the iOS app store?

And I have questions that I think most users will want answered:

  • Will we need an iTunes account to use it or is the Apple ID enough?
  • If it's only the Apple ID that is needed, I wonder what MobileMe features might be liberated for all and not just paying users?
  • Is the North Carolina data center going to be used for the app store?
  • Is Apple asking for 30% for the fee from developers when developers now can keep 100% of the revenues for themselves if they sell the app through other means?

Those are just a few questions that popped into my mind when I found out this morning about the MAS.  Hopefully, more details will be unveiled throughout the day.  Meanwhile, prepare for Apple to release another OS X update that will incorporate the Mac app store feature.

Despite some questions and the restrictions placed on the apps, I do look forward to this.  I think Apple has another feature that Redmond is likely firing up their copiers to add to their next Windows update.  And I also believe the Mac app store will be a benefit to both developers and users once everything has been worked out.  

Consider the six to nine months of the app store to be a part of the beta period.  Not even Apple can foresee everything despite their experiences with the iOS app store.  Plus, Lion will be available in June.  I think that will also impact the development of the Mac app store as well.

More at Apple.

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