Sunday, December 19, 2010

iPad Means No Need To Watch TV For My Nephew

As it happened, I ended up babysitting on this fine rainy weekend in Southern California. And one of the things that I thought my brother and his wife had really ruined for my god-son is that they allow him to watch a lot of TV.

Well, no more.

In the past, we would spend all day watching TV. There was just no way to entice him to do anything else. Even when we are playing, he wanted the TV on. It's the same for the baby (14 months old).

With the iPad, the TV was not on until my brother's wife turned it on because she wanted to watch. Still, my nephew paid no heed to it. He was content with drawing and playing matching games on this magical device.

Still, I have to say that the iPad is no substitute for human interaction. I forced him to sit through a couple of physical books and played with his toys.

But in a short time, he has been able to learn and trace some letters.

So, I am not a TV guy for kids and the proliferation of iPads and tablets will really change how today's children spend their free time. But do make sure they go out and play too.

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