Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahead of iPhone Launch, Trash Talking Between ATT And Verizon, Android Deals Coming

We are less than twelve hours from Verizon officially introduce the iPhone on its network and something funny has happened. ATT and Verizon have started getting into it on Twitter.

This isn't just trashing talking. This is a new form of psychological warfare for the dollars and minds of the mobile warriors.

First of all, I don't see many of us coming to the aid of either of these wireless providers. After all, for too long have they tormented us with stupid fees, limitations, and anti-innovative schemes. Second, some of the stuff they say about each other are truth, especially all the negative stuff because we have been saying them for years.

Now, one of the things that we can expect from iPhone on both two of the largest networks is that for anyone else who doesn't care about the iPhone, you're potentially looking at great deals.

Anyone competing with the iPhone can expect deals in this young year should the iPhone uptake at Verizon be as huge as it has been at ATT. I can see handset makers from Motorola to HTC to Samsung doing deals to maintain momentum they carried over from 2010.

And for those rumored not to get the iPhone, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, they will be looking to protect their subscribers.

Anyway, we will have some better idea tomorrow at 8AM PST when Verizon makes it official and we know what Apple and its newest mobile partner has up their sleeves. A week or so later, we can see their competitors respond in kind.

I love competition!

More at Techcrunch.

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