Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Some, the CDMA iPhone Is Perfect

I don't talk a lot on my phone and that's why I no longer have it.  And as you know, my iPhone and G1 has been replaced with an iPod touch and Clearwire's iSpot which costs me $25 a month of WiMax access. And for folks like me but aren't willing to go to such extremes to avoid paying for voice minutes I don't need, the CDMA iPhone is perfect.

Now, one of the complains about the CDMA network, not specifically about the CDMA version of the iPhone, is that it cannot allow the mobile warrior to talk and use the data simultaneously.

However, for some folks, that might not be a huge drawback.  For most mobile users, talking and surfing does not occur all that often.  It's either or.  

And if you're paying for about the same price, I think the CDMA iPhone is probably a better deal.  Here's why.

It's beginning to look like Verizon will offer new iPhone users unlimited data access.  Albeit it's on a slower CDMA network compared to ATT's newer HSPA+.  But we're talking about mobile access here, not downloading huge 2GB movies.  

Plus, as I imagine it, most people will be socializing on the Twitter or Facebook apps, gaming, or surfing away on the browser.  There simple is very little need or time for chatting. Worse case scenario, get a Google Voice app and have it alert you of incoming calls, voices, or SMS.

And yes, data could cost $5 more at the high end of the data plan with Verizon but it is unlimited.  Personally, I don't see saving an extra $5 with ATT's limited data plan worth it.  Seriously, that's like just one trip to Starbucks these days or 40% of the cost of a movie ticket.

Note this though.  While I did not hear anything about VOIP like Skype or video chat through FaceTime, imagine being able to do that with your CDMA iPhone as much as you want.  But with ATT, you're limited by the 2GB monthly restriction when using Skype or other VOIP apps.  Furthermore, ATT does not allow Facetime use over 3G.  

And if you absolutely must chat, Verizon seems to have a better connection than ATT.  With ATT, what's the point of a faster 3G network when you get drop calls or simply unable to make connections at all.

Again, this really depends on the user and what you're mobile habits are.  If I did not have the option of the iSpot and I'd have to choose now between ATT or Verizon, well, you know which I'd go with.  

Note:  This post isn't a slam against ATT. If you know me, my disdain for the wireless providers is universal.

Another note:  Between ATT and Verizon, I'd pick the CDMA iPhone if I had to.  Right now, I am happy with my iPod touch and iSpot hook-up while keeping an eye and ear out for a T-Mobile version of the iPhone.

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