Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 Hrs Until iPhone-Verizon Event

Judging by my last few posts, you know very well by now that I am immensely excited by the fact that we are ever closer to having the iPhone available to Verizon customers.

And in the last, I have said that I am a dedicated T-Mobile customer, I just might be swayed if this was a LTE rather than a CDMA model.

Having said that, I have gotten up early this morning, did my workout, came into work early to finish my morning tasks (e-mails, faxes, phone calls with folks in other time-zones). The mocha is set and my buttered bread ready to be toasted.

I have allocated the hours between 8AM to 10AM PST for nothing other than to enjoy the live blogs from a variety of sources and to read about the post-event thoughts.

It's likely I'll get nothing done for the rest of the day as I chatted excitedly with friends about what we've seen or be disappointed by what we don't hear.

I wonder, on a macroeconomic scale, if Apple events have an impact on loss of productivity.

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