Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Hrs Until iPhone-Verizon Event; Pass On That $49 iPhone 3GS, Now, Thank Me

ATT lowered their price on the iPhone 3GS and Apple followed with their own price drop today. And no, it's not a competition between Apple and ATT. Rather, it's likely a concession to ATT from Steve Jobs' softening heart (dude's become a wuss of late). Or it could be a previous contractually agreed upon move.

Regardless the intention of this 50% price cut, don't get it. You'll thank me for this.

Here's Why.

The iPhone 3GS was a leap and bound ahead of the iPhone 3G. It was a spectacularly more powerful device and it really bought serious gaming into the iOS ecosystem. Not only that, it was a very strong device with a very long battery life when used moderately.

However, all those praises I just lavished on the 3GS means nothing now that it has been eclipsed by the iPhone 4. And who knows what'll happen in two or three weeks or months. Apple might time it right and lower the price on the iPhone 4 (say by $50 to bring the 16GB model down to $149) when those new phones from running on Android and dual-core chips from the just ended CES finally goes on sale.

And we know for sure that when the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4G) goes on sale in June, the current iPhone 4 will sit nice and pretty at $99.

Back to the 3GS. Even if Apple doesn't lower the price for the iPhone 4 until June, the $150 will seem like nothing as you happily enjoy all the features of iOS 4 as it was mean to. And thought I have only the latest generation iPod touch and not the iPhone 4, I know what I am talking about.

The speed alone is well worth the $150 premium.

Having said that, if you must get the 3GS, I can say it is without a doubt, the second best mobile device out there. You won't be disappointed, especially if you compare it to the other phones on the market. Just make sure you're not comparing it to the iPhone 4.

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