Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Hours Away from iPhone-Verizon Event - Expectation of a CDMA Version May Mute Subscriber Response

One of the most amazing thing about the average Joe mobile warrior today is how informed we are.  This includes the busy doctor, the throng of soccer moms, and my mom who is a grandmother, business woman, and who's English is okay but no what I consider spectacular.  And of these folks know about the iPhone coming to Verizon, you can bet they also know what network it'll run on.

That's exactly what my mom e-mailed me about over the weekend.  She wanted to know if the Verizon iPhone would run on the CDMA network only or on both the CDMA and LTE network.  Yup, she knew the difference.  And if this grandmother knows this distinction, so do other folks with better English able to go on the Web and do their own research.

See, these days, we're all pretty tech savvy.  Having said that, my mom said she'll only get it if this is a LTE iPhone.  AndI get the feeling that is what a lot of folks are wonder too.  Some might not care.  They just want an iPhone that does not require signing up with ATT for two years.

I kinda of agree with Mom here.  I don't reckon I'm gonna be okay with the CDMA version and I'll probably wait until the next big release from Apple in June.  I don't know if it'll be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4G, being that it is a LTE version.  

So I think the response will be a bit muted until then.  Oh, Apple will still move millions of CDMA iPhones but I am more cautious about those optimistic 10-12 millions that Apple is expected to sell just through Verizon alone that Wall Street is expecting.

Now, if Apple surprises me with a T-Mobile version capable of HSPA+ connection, we'll get four of them right away.

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