Wednesday, January 5, 2011

iPad Versus Everyone Else

Is this about Apple and its iOS versus everyone else more like iOS versus Motorola versus Samsung versus RIM versus HP versus Sony? I can go on and on and name more companies in the mobile and tablet market. However, the gist is with many of these same companies fight to for a piece of the Apple pie, what are we Apple fans suppose to think about it?

Well, first, I want to say this is a great thing. More likely than not, competition has given us a lot of tech that we might not have otherwise seen on the market. Google and Android has certainly up the game. And let's be honestly, there are areas where Android is doing better than iOS such as voice control.

And it becomes necessary for Apple to try to catch up or surpass any advantage that Android might have over the iOS. And that is a great thing.

Today at CES, we saw a slew of tablets based on the Tegra 2 chip by Nvidia promising to run on Honeycomb, Android only version for tablets. And from the looks of things, Android tablets have come a long long way since the Samsung Tab running on Android 2.2, which by the way, cannot be upgraded to the latest Android tablet OS.

Imagine if Apple had done that to us original iPad owners. Regardless, I fully expect Apple to up the game when it comes time for the iPad 2. And let's be clear, looking at the specs from these new Honeycomb tablets, I see a lot of promises but we have yet to see Google and its partners deliver on the experience. And by no mean does it mean that competitors managed to create an iPad killer.

I still put the iPad head and shoulders above the competition. Nevertheless, I hope this has kicked Apple in the butt and force them to try and pull further ahead. And I fully expect Apple to deliver more powerful specs in the next iPad version but more importantly, I like to see Apple show us what else this magical device can do that no one else can.

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