Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next Big Thing For Apple Should Be Medical Equipment

Medical care cost are rising despite the best efforts of the Obama administration and who know what the health care reform law will do. There are just too many moving parts. While I applaud the President's State of the Union Speech last night about medical malpractice reform, more must be done and more can be done.

This is why companies like Apple should get into the lucrative field of medical equipment. Imagine what Steve Jobs and Apple doing for hospitals what it did for the content creation industry.

Ease of use, low IT maintenance, and the cost savings. I can see hundreds of billions saved when techs,doctors, and other health care personnel can easily access and operate machines to do scans and perform tests.

If Apple is looking for an opportunity to invest its $60+ billion in cash that helps Apple's bottom-line and change the world once more, this is it.

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