Friday, January 21, 2011

Verizon's First iPhone 4 Commercial

A clock ticks down. Kobe taking the ball down the middle of the court for a final last second shot, with the hands of Lebron and Wade in his face, to win the NBA Championship in game 7. Or Jack Bauer disabling the relativity bomb at CERN that would collapse the planet. Or the end days as we get closer to 2012.

Nope! It's Verizon Wireless' new iPhone 4 commerical. Nay a mention of the iPhone 4 until the last seconds of the commercial. But it was effective. I got really really excited. Until I realized that I'm gonna stick it out with my iSpot and iPod touch setup.

Perhaps, I might finally see the iPhone 4G or 5 on T-Mobile sometimes this year. Meanwhile, this was a pretty effective commercial. Talk about freezing the sales in time.

For folks who have been waiting years for this, this is it. This is your time.

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