Friday, January 28, 2011

Verizon iPhone Might Be In Short Supply, So Move Fast

Can you believe it has been almost three weeks since Apple and Verizon Wireless (VZW) announced the availability of the iPhone on America's largest (maybe second largest - VZW is disputing reports in the media that AT&T is now number one) wireless carrier and on its CDMA network.

And we are less than a week from current VZW customers getting first crack at ordering it. And the week after that, it'll be the general public's turn.

And while I am trying to stay strong and wait a bit longer, I wonder if Apple and VZW are underestimating the demands.

So far, all the folks I have spoken to are very excited about the iPhone on VZW and seemed ready to pull the trigger on it. And all surveys back in late 2010 as well as recent blog polls suggests an iPhone rout in the mobile market.

Not convinced? Let's take both Ma Bell and VZW's earrings this week. Both reported less new subscribers than Wall Street estimated. The conventional wisdom for this is that many mobile warriors held back purchases or upgrades, despite being the Holidays, and waited on faith, because we didn't know if the iPhone really was coming to VZW, that they can get the iPhone on VZW.

So the pended up demands is there. While we don't know just how much, I think we can safely say that there are going to be long lines again.

This time, however, the lines will all be outside the Apple stores and VZW stores. AT&T guys can just take it easy. At least, until June.

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