Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apple To Ship 300 Million iOS Devices A Year? Let Do The Math

According to a report out of Korea Times, Apple and Samsung has signed a deal for the Korean tech giant to quadruple its chip shipments to Apple in the coming years.

The article specifically mentioned AP, application processors, which is just a fancy way of call the CPU inside the iOS mobile devices.

So, quadruple? Yeah looks like. Though it is possible that this is a misinterpretation and that it actually meant that Apple and Samsung signed a four year deal for Samsung Sung to supply Apple with APs.

Let's suppose that this article is correct with its facts and we really have no reason to believe that it's not, Apple will soon ship up to 4X the number of iOS devices! If we loosely take the number of iOS devices shipped in 2010 (which I estimates to be 80 million devices) and multiply it by four times, we are talking about 300 million devices a year.

Furthermore, the post suggested that Apple's business will take up 50% of Samsung's chip making capability, an increase of 20,000 sheets from 5,000 out of a capacity of 40,000 sheets.

I really hate to doubt these numbers but we cannot dispute the $3.9 billion in investments that Apple put forth for future parts for the iOS devices. Securing screens and APs seems like a prudent thing for Apple to do with the $60+ billions in cash. Maybe this was to help finance fabs for the AP and factories to crank out screens.

According to Apple, it could have sold more iPhones over the Christmas quarter had they been able to sell enough of it. Also keep in mind that Apple will start selling a CDMA version of the iPhone in a few days. And after that, these CDMA iPhones may well make their way to China, Japan, India, and Korea.

So would the other members of the iOS family. Many Apple may be gearing up for a major iOS assault on the mobile and tablet market unlike any on the previous years.

More at Korea Times,

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